One of the Best Birthday Presents

I had a birthday party in Las Vegas, and as a gift, my friends put their money together to get one of those brunette escorts in las vegas. I consider it to be one of the best birthday presents that I have ever received. I was a bit nervous when I had to meet her, but the escort was really nice and made sure that our meeting wasn’t awkward at all. My friends told me that I would have a fun time with her, and they were right. I’m amazed that I never really thought about getting an escort before, because they sure know how to have fun.

The escort and I went to a club and did a lot of dancing and downed some shots. She had a lot of energy and dancing with her was the most dancing that I’ve ever done. Our hearts were racing all night, and by the time we were done, we had worked up quite an appetite. We went to a restaurant to have some dinner and talk. She was pretty funny and would tell some jokes that made me laugh for minutes. I swear she was as good as some of the stand up comedians that I’ve seen.

After dinner, it had gotten pretty dark, so the escort and I headed to my hotel room. We got intimate and I made sure that none of my friends disturbed me while I was with the escort. I turned off my phone and put a tag on the door to make sure that none of them would start pounding on the door. That was quite a fun night. The escort left the next morning and I met up with my friends again at breakfast. They wanted to know every detail about how my night with the escort went.