Holiday Gift Turns into a Huge Prize

As someone who is a skeptic on a lot of online things, my mother telling me she won big on betting sites really put me in a protective way. My mother is smart as a whip, but sometimes she makes rash choices that get her into trouble. I am so happy that this wasn’t won of those times because she really was excited to win big!

My mother has been gambling since I was aware of her doing it. Scratch offs, lottery numbers, casinos, and anything else you can name. She never did it with money she needed, but she always did it with spare money she had. Some women like splurging on clothing or a new bag, my mom likes to try to win money. Her winning happened every so often, she’d take the money and put it in the bank and take 25% of that and gambled with it. She was always really responsible with winnings she had.

One Christmas, our family got her a laptop. She had joked “Can I play casino on this?” and the family laughed but my brother told her she could. Continue reading